Instructional Coaching In Context

ICIC is a comprehensive programme designed to enable you to introduce, scale-up and then sustain instructional coaching in your school.

What is instructional coaching?

A supportive, yet challenging process, which allows teachers to reflect on and improve their practice in a focused and incremental manner. Research suggests that instructional coaching is the most effective form of professional development for teachers.


Effective instructional coaching practice is nuanced and difficult to master. Moreover, implementing a school-wide instructional coaching programme is a complex process, requiring careful planning and the consideration of many factors. Our experience and expertise in school-based coaching, as well as leading change programmes, means that we are ideally placed to support you in overcoming these challenges. Through a blend of training, coaching and consultancy, we offer a unique solution which, drawing on research evidenced best practice, supports you to develop and roll-out a programme, which is impactful, sustainable and matched to your school’s particular context and needs.

The ICIC Pathway
The ICIC Pathway

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