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Educe Mentoring & Coaching provides expert support to enable professionals to develop and thrive in their roles.

We work across a range of settings and we have a specialism in supporting educational leaders, with a particular focus on the international school sector.

Making Professional Development Personal

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Duncan has held Headship and Senior Leadership roles in schools in Argentina, Italy, Lesotho, Peru and the UK, as well as Director of Education positions at international third sector organisations: The Skills Builder Partnership and the ESU. Throughout his career, Duncan has adopted a ‘people first’ approach to his work; recognising that supporting and developing a team is the most important thing a leader can do to ensure great outcomes for students and beneficiaries.

Duncan is a qualified Coach and VoicePrint Practitioner.

Duncan Partridge
Duncan Partridge

Founder and CEO of Educe Mentoring & Coaching

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Coaching for Educators:

How to Transform CPD in Your School

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A brilliantly personable journey into coaching.”

Karen Wespieser, MBE, Chief Operating Officer, Teacher Tapp


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Coaching for Educators - How to Transform CPD in Your School


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Instructional Coaching In Context

What is ICIC?

ICIC is a comprehensive programme designed to enable you to introduce, scale-up and then sustain instructional coaching in your school.

What is instructional coaching?

A supportive, yet challenging process, which allows teachers to reflect on and improve their practice in a focused and incremental manner. Research suggests that instructional coaching is the most effective form of professional development for teachers.

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Duncan has helped me enormously to unlock my potential as a school leader. His ability to listen actively and create challenging conversations in a safe environment has enabled me to develop and grow into the role. As an exemplary leader of learning himself he is able to offer a unique fusion of role model, mentor and coach.

Oliver Proctor, Headteacher St George’s College North, Buenos Aires, Argentina

School leadership has unique challenges and is frequently a lonely experience. Having somebody not only with experience and knowledge but also an outside perspective as a mentor/coach is extremely valuable and my sessions with Duncan have been very positive and useful.

Jeremy Youell, Principal, GIS international school, Monza, Italy

I first met Duncan when he was the headteacher of a school I worked at. His supportive nature, active listening and open question style provided support and room for my growth. This is why I reached out to Duncan for a coaching conversation when I was starting my first headship as I knew he would support me in being self-directed in the next steps of my career.

Gareth Turnbull-Jones, Headteacher, Landmark International School, Cambridge, England

Duncan is a highly skilled coach who makes people feel at ease. Duncan asked helpful and insightful questions which allowed me to explore and reflect. I have really valued the sessions and feel much clearer around actions and next steps.

Charlotte Fryett, Education Lead, Reach North East Free School Development Group

Duncan is an insightful and empathetic coach, his coaching is dynamic and powerful.

Mandy Hawkes, Community Food Manager, The Active Wellbeing Society

Working with Duncan was genuinely transformational – his ability to really listen was exceptional, followed by some very incisive questions. His perception of the many varied issues we explored extended far further than the educational arena we began with, and my thinking around my new venture has matured and focussed far more quickly than I imagined it would. I would wholeheartedly recommend that you set up a coaching session to see where his questions take your thinking.

James Wright – Founder JMW Consulting

I would highly recommend attending Duncan’s coaching sessions. He has transformed the way I now view my coaching role in school!

Amanda Ferguson, Teacher & Coach, St Michael’s CE High School

Duncan and I had an instant rapport that enabled me to trust him and open up and go places that I've never been before. Truly enlightening.

David Bryce, Head of HR, First Choice Homes

Duncan was interesting to listen to and very knowledgeable. He also delivered the course in a
very clear and well-structured way.

Course Delegate, English for More Able Learners

Duncan's keynote was motivating and inspiring and gave me lots to think about

Attendee, Bradford Leading on Oracy Conference, 2019

Duncan's guidance, his professional insight, his ability to engage with all members of the school community and his organisational skills, were essential not only in raising our standards but in increasing our self-belief in meeting the challenges of IBPYP authorisation.

Huw Price, Head of Primary, British International School of Ukraine

It was invaluable to spend time with Duncan's neutral, experienced and professional ear, and be provoked into thinking of new ways to approach the challenges of being a leader. In 3 efficient sessions, I have been able to redefine professional goals, and make practical plans to bring them to fruition.

Senior Teacher, international school

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