“It’s been crazy. As a school, we have been dealing with so many changes to policies, but we’re so conscious of focusing on the children and their needs, as they are the most important thing. I’m often waking up in the middle of the night with so many ideas about ways to do things better.”
Headteacher, UK state school

Headteachers and Principals around the world are really struggling at the moment. Doing their job well has never been more important and never more challenging. In periods like this, protected time for reflection and planning is vital and yet so difficult to find.

In recognition of this, Educe Mentoring & Coaching in Association with Dragonfly Training is offering Heads and Leaders of independent schools in the UK and around the world the opportunity to partake in coaching/mentoring sessions, while subsidising a series of sessions for a colleague in a state funded school.

How does it work?

Book in a series of six hour-long coaching/mentoring sessions with one of our team of qualified coaches, all of whom have experience as school leaders. At the same time, nominate a Headteacher/Principal in a state-funded school in any country to receive the same package at a heavily subsidised cost. If preferred, we can allocate the sessions on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

Independent school pays: £700 (£500 for 6 coaching/mentoring sessions & £200 to subsidise 6 sessions for state-funded school Headteacher/Principal)

Educe Mentoring & Coaching in Association with Dragonfly Training pays £200 to subsidise 6 sessions for state-funded school Headteacher/Principal

State-funded school pays £100 for 6 coaching/mentoring sessions

I’m interested, what next?

Drop us a line at info@educemc.com and we’ll be in touch.

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